Noir's Diary

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Not Really A Diary...

More like a scrapbook or a notepad.  Here is where I put up anything I may have written outside of game reviews...poems, stories, whatever.  Enjoy!!

"Starry Night" by Van Gogh

My Escape

I wrote this off the top of my head in response to a post on a message board.  I was just messing around at first, but it just kept going until I finished it.  It's about a person who is depressed and finds an escape from sadness through sleep, particularly dreams.  I decided to go with this because depressed people tend to sleep a lot.

My life is naught but endless pain,

I see cloudy skies and endless rain 

above my head, and in my eyes,

 tears like raindrops in the sky.

Dawn to dusk and dusk to night, 

it matters not, there is no light  

in my heart, only sadness  

and a wish to flee from all this madness.

I close my eyes and drift to sleep, 

no longer shall I continue to weep.

A beautiful world is bestowed unto me,

with sunny skies stretching endlessly...

This gorgeous world gives me all of 

what I desire, joy and love.

So happy am I to make my escape  

and find somewhere to feel safe.

Dusk to night and night to dawn,

the time has come in the early morn.

But must I leave this peaceful place?  

It means that darkness I again must face...

Once again, eternal sadness,

and once more, eternal madness. 

And my only ray of heaven's light,

 is when dawn turns to dusk and dusk to night.


Make a pilgrimage to the past with me. -Noir



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